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Migrant Education Program Services & Eligibility Information

  • The Migrant Education Program provides benefits and services to eligible children who participate/accompany their families in travel for subsistence activities and commercial fishing.  The program also provides indirect benefits to all students in the district by increasing other federal/state monies.

     Direct Services for Eligible Children for FY19

    • School supplies
    • Winter coat (upon request at interview)
    • Tuition coverage (Nome Preschool, Northwest campus for dual enrollment classes or classes for children, fees for high school credit recovery/enrichment courses, local summer programs)
    • Summer Migrant Program (topic will vary from year to year) - may have opportunity to earn college credit
    • Small Group/One-on-One Tutoring – available at NES, ACSA and Nome Beltz Jr/Sr High School – teacher referred or parent requested – limited after school transportation is available

     Eligibility Requirements

    • Children up to age 20 are eligible (students with HS diplomas are not eligible – GED is eligible)
    • Travel must be outside of Nome Public School district boundaries (20 miles outside of town)
    • Travel must be overnight and a total of 7 or more nights during the previous year (does not have to be all in one trip)
    • Children must accompany parent or guardian, or be over 14 to travel alone
    • Families must provide statement of economic necessity
    • Eligible activities include commercial or subsistence fishing or berry-picking (Marine or mammal hunting, egg gathering or greens picking are NOT eligible activities)

     Eligibility lasts for three years – enrolled families are contacted each fall to determine if they have completed any travel in the prior year to extend eligibility.

    Please contact the Nome Public Schools District Office to check your family’s status, ask questions regarding possible eligibility, or to schedule an eligibility interview.  

    Megan Hayes, Federal Programs Director                          (907) 443-6197

    Alisha Papineau, Records Manager                                    (907) 443-6187

    Jade Murdock, Migrant Recruiter                                       (907) 443-6190