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Homeless Youth & Children

Rights and Available Services

  • Homeless youth are afforded specific educational rights under the McKinney-Vento Act, and are also entitled to support services.

    These rights include:

    • The right to enroll in the school they last attended or the school they currently attend even if they do not have the documents required for enrollment
    • The right to transportation to their school of origin (unless logistically impossible)
    • Access to free meals
    • Access to Title I programs and other educational services, and transportation to extra-curricular activities to the same extent as offered to other students
    • Access to counseling/post-high school preparatory services

    Homeless is defined under McKinney-Vento as "lacking fixed, regular, adequate iving situations.  This includes residence at hotels/motels, living in a shelter, living in a vehicle/tent/park/other similar situation, living in a residence lacking adequate sanitation/running water/heat/electricity, living with another family temporarily due to loss of previous housing/financial difficulty finding housing (also known as "doubling up"), and living in severely overcrowded quarters.