Our School Counselors can help with a variety of topics including scheduling questions, academic performance, future planning, collegiate questions and testing, social and emotional concerns, and connecting you with resources. For students, the Counselor’s Office works best when scheduling an appointment via email. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us.


    Personal and Career Development Resources

    The counseling office assists students with effective social/emotional and life skills development. The office also encourages partnerships between the school and local agencies, businesses, and community members to provide opportunities and services with our students. These can include job training, specific skill development, Native history, cultural experiences, and subsistence activities.


    Responsive Services

    Parent/teacher/student conferences, individual student counseling, crisis counseling, and referral services are available to all students.


    System Support

    Support includes: consultation with teachers concerning student needs; correspondence with parent(s) and guardians regarding students’ personal, social and career development, and representation for students on community advisory boards.



    In order to build trust with the child, the school counselor will keep information confidential with some possible exceptions. The counselor may need to share information with parents/guardians and school administration. The counselor may also work with the child’s teacher and school personnel so that we may better assist the child as a team.

    The counselor is required by law to share certain information with Office of Child Services (OCS), local law enforcement, and/or parents when the student:

              ●  Presents a serious danger to self or another person

              ●  Evidence or disclosure of abuse including physical, sexual, mental injury, and/or neglect.

              ●  Threats to the safety and security of the school.