Nome Public Schools is a rural city school district offering 188-day teaching positions.  Nome Public Schools is a learning community of 700+ students and 50+ teachers.

    Nome Beltz Middle/High School: 6-12 Grade 

    *Music (Band & Choir)
    *Assistant Principal

    Nome Elementary School (K-5)

    *Elementary Physical Education


    Districtwide - Special Education Teachers (must possess SPED endorsement, or be willing to provide services under the direction of a SPED teacher)

    Nome Elementary School - Elementary Teachers

    For Certificated teaching jobs, please visit the Alaska Teacher Placement Applitrack site to apply and be considered at NPS. 

    Teacher Requirements:

    *Teachers must possess an Alaska Type A-Teacher Certification with appropriate endorsement(s), or ability to qualify for a certificate before the first day in the classroom.  

    Preferred Skills:  Prior successful Alaskan teaching experience, especially in rural districts.  Demonstrated skills in culturally affirming classroom instruction, developing strong family and student relationships, and proficiency in the use of effective assessment methods.   

    *Administrators must possess an Alaska Type B-Administrator with appropriate endorsement. Types of endorsements: Principal, Assistant Principal, Special Education Administration, Director of Federal Programs, etc.

    Applicants can be considered for employment prior to receiving an Alaska Teaching Certificate.  However, Alaska law requires that a teacher hold a valid Alaska Teaching Certificate. You will receive a yellow postcard in the mail signifying the acceptance of a complete and valid application.  Until a yellow card or valid Alaska Teaching Certificate is received, an applicant cannot sign a contract or be employed as a certified employee. (Please visit the link to the Department of Education and Early Development for more information about acquiring Alaska Certification)



    Nome Public Schools is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer 





  • Certified Teachers interested in teaching at Nome Public Schools, please apply at http://www.alaskateacher.org/


    For information about becoming a Certified Teacher in the State of Alaska, and review the application process, visit Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

    Or Contact:

    Alaska Department of Education & Early Development 
    801 West 10th Street, Suite 200
    PO Box 110200
    Juneau, Alaska  99811-0500
    Telephone:  (907) 464-2800
    Fax: (907) 465-4156