Sight Words

My Word Wall Words!

  • (R)=Review 

    Welcome to K

     see, me 


    Unit 1 

    WK 1: I, for

    WK 2: like, is

    WK 3: the, at

    WK 4: and, you

    WK 5: he, she, we


    Unit 2 

    WK 1: see (R), to, down, on

    WK 2: we (R), are, has

    WK 3: a (R), said, with

    WK 4: to (R)

    WK 5: go, so


    Unit 3

    WK 1: come, me (R), that, came 

    WK 2: with (R), my, now, all

    WK 3: give, how

    WK 4: are (R), now (R) what

    WK 5: this, they, came (R), play  


    Unit 4 

    Wk 1: is (R), how (R), of, so (R), many, where

    WK 2: find, this (R), from, came (R), but, on (R)

    WK 3: will, be, into, that (R), your, who

    WK 4: go (R), for (R), here, soon, up, they (R)

    WK 5: good, says


    Unit 5  (current unit)

    Wk 1: make, play, them, say, give (R), new

    WK 2: said (R), good (R), was, ate, then, could

    WK 3: away, by, must 

    WK 4: his, when, some

    WK 5: she (R), all (R), over, her 


    Unit 6 

    WK 1: want, have, help

    WK 2: look, out, very, their, saw, put

    WK 3: down, do, little (R), went, only, just 

    WK 4: off, our, day, take, too, show

    WK 5: have (R), help (R), one, every, ask, walk