Daily Procedure/Schedule



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Daily Procedure/Schedule

1.  Students come into the gym and get ready by standing on their standing spot.


2.  Warm-up. This is a statistical procedure used to raise the core tempature of the student's body.  By doing this prior to any strenous activity it helps to decrease the chance of injury.  

A warm-up can be comprised of various exercises (cobra push-up, flutter kicks, eagles, squats, etc.) that involves resistance training for muscles throughout the body.  A warm-up can also be a combination of running form drills and/or light to moderate running for up to five minutes.  Younger students will be working on skip, gallop, slide etc.


3.  Skill/Activity.  This is the planned game, skill, or activity that will meet the P.E. standard


4.  Cool Down/Stretch.  Students get between 3-5 minutes to cool down by performing various stretching exercises.  This is also a time to get a much needed three second drink.


5.  Line-up and be ready for the teacher to take you back to class.