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photo of teacherUaŋa Kiminaq. Nalġmiutun attiga Maddy Alvanna-Stimpfle.  Aakaga Yaayuk Bernadette Alvanna-Stimpfle. Aaakama ilaiyaagit Ugiuvaŋmiugurut. Aaŋaga Jim Stimpfle. Aaŋama ilaiyaagit Virginiamiugurut. 


I'm Kiminaq. My English name is Maddy Alvanna-Stimpfle. My mom is Yaayuk Bernadette Alvanna-Stimpfle. My mom's family is from King Island. My dad is Jim Stimpfle. My dad's family is from Virginia.


My students call me Ms. Kiminaq. Kiminaq is my Inupiaq name, I was named after John Kiminock, who was my late aunt, Edna Alvanna’s father. I was born and raised here in Nome and graduated from Nome-Beltz High School in 2009. I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with my bachelors in Early Childhood Education in 2014. I am happy to be teaching at home and to have the opportunity to work with Nome’s most precious gold nuggets! As a teacher, I believe all students have the ability to succeed and achieve in all that they do no matter their backgroud, given the right tools students can excel above and beyond. 


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Minor in Alaska Native Studies, University of Alaska Anchorage