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District Core Values

Building quality lives and a strong community through...
  • Respect 
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence

Why Core Values?

In How to Bring Vision to School Improvement, authors Jon Saphier and John D'Auria explain that "the collective power of a school facility united behind a few important, commonly prized outcomes for students is virtually unlimited." They continue that it is in those families of our communities that are united around a few core values that "we see performance from almost all the children consistent with those values." Thus, Nome Public Schools along with representative parents, community organizations, businesses and most importantly students, are forging an alliance to create a more deliberate and powerful environment for young people.


A core value is a central belief deeply understood and shared by every member of an organization. Core values guide the actions of everyone in the organization; they focus its energy and are the anchor point for all its plans. An organization has a core value if there is evidence of it everywhere such that:
  • it permeates the institution,
  • it drives the decisions,
  • it elicits strong reactions when it is violated, and
  • it's the very last thing you'll give up.


The outcome of establishing a set of core values is that these values will then be reflected in all members of the Nome Public Schools community. Throughout the development process of these community core values, participants were driven by the framework which held that the finished product would:
  • align with the district mission statement
  • align with district curriculum
  • reflect current data and research
  • include community values
  • include current school values, and
  • be implemented district wide - both in and out of the classroom.
In the spring of 2016, the Strategic Planning Committee presented these to the Board of Education. The Board adopted these values and charged all staff and community members to uphold and model these values for the betterment of all our children.