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Mrs. Danyelle Ogren


My name is Danyelle Ogren. I am a Third Grade teacher at Nome Elementary. I am from South Dakota, I graduated from Northern State University in December 2016,  with a Bachlors of Science in Elementary Education. After graduation I long term subbed at a Hutterite Colony teaching grades Jr. K-8th grade. In July, my husband Alex and I moved to Nome. We are really enjoying our time here.  This is just a little about me. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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I believe that each student is their own person and has developed their own methods of learning. Every child learns differently, and I think that it is best when children learn from one another. This comes from Vygotsky’s theory of development. Vygotsky theory stresses the fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognition that the community strongly plays a role in the process of making meaning. Vygotsky believed that social learning tends to precede development. I believe that children learn from one another and that is why I think Vygotsky theory best describes my views. Not only do I believe that children learn best through social interaction, but I also believe that children learn best through visual representation.

            Children learn best in an environment that promotes learning. Some things that I have in my learning environment are some positive reinforcements placed in plain sight for all students to see and be reminded. All children have certain needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn at their best. One of these basic needs is safety. Children need to have a safe learning environment, along with the children knowing that they are safe in the environment. Each child needs to be aware that they are able to learn. Students need to have sense of belongingness. Students will also need to have self-respect and respect for others. This stems from Maslow’s basic needs and learning.

            I meet these needs by making sure that all of my students respect one another and the classroom in which we learn in. We have classroom rules placed in visible sight so that the students are reminded easily. As a classroom expectation, I make sure that all of the students treat one another the way that they would want to be treated. I make sure that the students physiological needs are being meet by providing comfortable work areas. I have my classroom set up in pods; the students will feel the sense of belongingness while in this pod setup. This is just a few ways that I meet these needs.

            It is important for teachers to have certain qualities. A quality I think important to teaching is being patient. I  will never give up on any of my students. It is important that I  give the students all I have in order for them to succeed. I think another important quality is a positive attitude. Being motivated will enhance my student’s motivation. A positive attitude is really important because I am my students’ model.

            I plan to grow professionally in many different ways. I think that there will always be room for growth when I am in the field. I feel that as an educator you learn from your students as well. With that being said I can tell that each year I am going to have new goals to accomplish. I think that one goal that should be met is critical in making sure that all of my students learning abilities are being met.