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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Anthony Husemann

It is our privilege to serve the families here in Alaska at Nome Beltz High  School. Anthony also serves as an adjunct professor for Calvary Chapel University in San Diego, CA, and my wife Lynn was sometimes the  volunteer for Early Chilhood Education and sometimes my favorite substitute teacher as well as our newest grandson, Malachi's favorite babysitter! We hope to see her subbing in Nome Schools,soon.

We came to Alaska two years ago and taught together with our son, Aaron and his wife, Robyn, at Brevig Mission School from 2016-2018. This fall we all moved to our favorite Alaksa town, Nome. Since 1984, Lynn and I worked in the Cayman Islands off and on as teachers and Administrators and a College Provost the past 7 years. We "retired" in 2015 after more than 35 years in full time teaching. What an amazing transition; from the Tropics to the Tundra-but we love it here in Nome-Sweet-Nome.

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