NPS Staffing Update - Volunteer News!

Staffing Update & Volunteer News
In response to the challenges the District is experiencing regarding staffing, we are pleased to report that we have hired six new substitute teachers, and are using student workers to fill the gaps in some of our classified positions.
In addition, two of our principals and our HR Manager met with staff at NSHC last week to share information regarding volunteering in our schools.  
We would also like to give a big shout-out to Kawerak for increasing the number of volunteer hours for their staff members to encourage them to support the needs in our schools.
We are also very excited to announce the upcoming roll-out of our new volunteer portal, which will make it easier for parents, guardians, family members and community members to sign-up to help in our schools.  
Potential volunteers will need to complete a simple application and pass a background check prior to working in the schools - please click here for information on how to apply to be a paid substitute teacher (half days or full days with a schedule that YOU control), or apply for any of our open classified positions.
While you're waiting for our new portal, you can volunteer directly with the school(s) of your choice as follows:
Call 443-5201
Help supervise students for breakfast/start of day 8-9am
Help supervise students for lunch/gym 12-1:30pm
Help supervise common areas (anytime between start/end of school)
Share your expertise as a guest speaker/helper for a lesson with a teacher
Anvil City Science Academy
Call 443-6207
Lunch Duty 12:30-1pm
Supervise Outdoor Recess 1-1:30pm
Volunteer in a classroom (teachers will have work ready for you) anytime between 9:30a-12:30p OR 1:30p-4p
Nome Elementary
Call 443-5299
Help supervise students for lunch/recess 10:55am-1:05pm
Volunteer in a classroom (teachers will have work ready for you) anytime between start/end of school
We are so appreciative of the support our community has given our schools over the year - we NEED and WANT you in our buildings with our students!