October 1st - Social Studies

Posted by Aaron Blankenship on 10/1/2018

8th Grade - The eighth graders focused their work on investigating how the technology of cartography shows what the colonists who came to the east coast of what would become Virginia were thinking. Students looked at two maps of the Virginian coast from roughly 20 years apart and examined why the way the maps were written reflected the changing perspectives of the colonists. Students completed a set of guiding questions to help further their understanding. Tomorrow through Thursday, students will be working and completing their paper based on the Oral History Interviews they should have completed. There are students who have not completed this project and may risk losing points on the project if they are not ready for the workday tomorrow! 

7th Grade - The 7th graders are wrapping up their postcard projects in anticipation for their pen-pal letters! Students will be communicating with an eighth grade classroom in East Yancey Middle School in North Carolina. Students began drafting postcards for our postcard exchange where they explain the differences in their state and school from those of the state and school they researched in their project. Tomorrow, students will begin drafting letters to their pen-pal.
Current Events - The CE kids began working on their counter-arguments for their debate. For a successful debate, students must analyze their opponent's argument and a have a prepared response to their opponent. Students will be debating this Thursday!