September 27th - Social Studies

Posted by Aaron Blankenship on 9/27/2018

8th Grade - The eighth graders spent the day working on their Oral History Project. Students were expected to interview one person who is at 40 years older than them. Students interviewed teachers, grandparents and community elders! It's great to see students comparing their experiences to those of their elders. Students will have next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to craft a two to four page story using the notes they took during their interview. Some students are still trying to get their interviews completed, so check in with your student and see how they are doing! If you know an elder who would be interested in being interviewed, let me know and I'l see if a student would like to work with them! 

7th Grade - The 7th Graders continued their work on preparing for their postcard exchange by completing the State Research Project. Students were asked to conduct research and turn their research into paragraphs over the week. Today, students are creating their final product, where they write the information they have collected onto a sheet that is highly detailed and colored for accompanying pictures. Students who are done tomorrow will begin writing their postcard to their sister school in the 48!
Current Events: The Current Events kids spend their day focusing in on their debate topics! Students are debating topics like "Do Class Sizes Matter?", "Should schools be separated by Boys and Girls?" and "Should Video Games be considered a sport?". The CE kids located two articles to back up their research and are in the process of creating three solid arguments about why they are right on their debate! Ask your student what they are working on and what their arguments are going to be!