September 26th - Social Studies

Posted by Aaron Blankenship on 9/26/2018

8th Grade: The eighth graders have been taking a look at this week, how there were empires and civilizations in the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans. As we completed their investigation of the Maya, Aztecs and Inca, we moved on to what motivated the Europeans to explore westward. Students learned about how the Silk Road and its difficulties launched Columbus to the ocean, how Isabella's interest in Spain's power gave Columbus the support he needed, and the technology that was required to get Columbus across the ocean. Students made an astrolabe in class, which they have been invited to bring home and use at night to sight the North Star and determine their latitude. Today in class, students read and answered a question on Christopher Columbus in the Americas, and discussed whether or not Columbus Day should be a holiday! For many of the students, this was their first opportunity to do an online discussion! Reminder: Oral History Project Interviews are due tomorrow for all eighth graders! I have attached the expectations for the project!

7th Grade: The 7th graders are taking the week to explore their home country! Building upon our understanding of democracy this week, students are looking at the cultural and regional differences of the United States. Students began the week practicing their memory of the 50 states with the Memorization Stations (we will be having a map quiz on the states in approximately two weeks, they need a score of 42/50, I have attached a practice quiz!). Yesterday and into today, students are researching a state of their choosing, and at the end of the week, they will be sending a postcard to a classroom in their chosen state! Students will be receiving postcards back from them as well! 
Current Events: The CE kids have spent the week presenting their Current Events Presentations! With those complete, students are spending the remainder of the week developing arguments around a central debate question, which they will use in an academic debate! Ask your CE kid what they are researching and what arguments they plan on making!