October 10th

Posted by Aaron Blankenship on 10/10/2018

8th Grade - The eighth graders began their first investigation of a primary source collection. We took a look at three primary sources that described the meeting of Emperor Moctezuma of the Aztecs and Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conquistador. Students investigated whether or not individual authors had bias and whether or not the different sources agreed with one another. Students were trying to answer the question "Did Moctezuma believe that Cortes was a living god or not?"

7th Grade - The seventh graders completed their postcards and pen-pal letters and continued their work on memorizing the United States. This Friday will be the first map quiz for the seventh graders. They are all expected to be able to name 42 of the 50 states on a blank map. Students took a practice quiz today to see where they are in preparation for their quiz tomorrow!
Current Events: The CE kids began their newest contemporary issue, taking a look at the documentary "Fed Up". The documentary looks at the myths and realities surrounding the childhood obesity crisis, one of the greatest health risks that will face this generation. Students looked at how marketing in food has shifted the discussion about obesity from the affects of harmful sugars to diet and exercise.