October 11th

Posted by Aaron Blankenship on 10/11/2018

8th Grade - The eighth graders began the last two days of their Human Migration unit. As we finish looking at the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, we take a look at how the colonial system in New Spain was set up, how it used de facto and de jure slavery as a tool to suppress native populations and how missionaries were used as agents of justifying the colonization. Students learned about how the encomienda system created massive hardship and death for the native populations of Central America. They also learned about the advantages Cortes had that allowed him to defeat the powerful Aztec Empire. Tomorrow, students will investigate the racial system of New Spain and how it led to the racial stratification that still affects the Americas to this day. 

The 8th grade unit test is next Tuesday, study guides will come out tomorrow. 
7th Grade - The 7th graders spent the day taking part in Memorization Stations, honing in their memory for their map quiz tomorrow. All students are expected to label 42 out of 50 U.S. states on a map in ten minutes. Students will be sent home with a practice map tonight to help them get to the 42 mark! 
Current Events - The CE kids continued watching the documentary "Fed Up" and learned about the myth of reduced fat foods, which were a product of lobbying by the sugar industry in the 1980's. Students had discussions of the freedom of buying whatever they versus the need for consumers to be informed about the dangers of some foods.