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  • Reading List information

    Dear NBHS Parents, Guardians, and Community, 

    Please take the time to review the NBHS English Department’s PROPOSED Required Reading List. The current school year is attached for you to compare and see changes.  The PROPOSED reading list will have highlights and strikethroughs to notate changes as well. The NPS School Board will be reviewing and voting for the proposed reading list at tomorrow’s school board meeting Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 5:30 PM. 

    In addition to the CURRENT reading list and PROPOSED reading list, forms for Complaint/Concern and Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration for Instructional Materials are attached as well. 

    Thank you, 
    Jon Berkeley, Principal

    Current Reading List

    Proposed Reading List


    E 1312 Complaint Form


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  • Cultural Safety in Education Survey

    The Association of Alaska School Boards Initiative for Community Engagement is working with two school districts on embedding cultural safety. Through this partnership Nome Public Schools will have a chance to reflect on and strengthen cultural safety and integration within their own district. Cultural safety has several components, but in essence it is creating a learning environment where students feel comfortable to be able to be themselves and apply their knowledge, perspectives and teachings in their school work and to their life decisions. Most districts and communities have begun embedding cultural safety. This short survey will provide information for your district and AASB on key areas that the school may be leaders in and help identify areas where the district may be interested in improving when it comes to Cultural Safety. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your ideas and thoughts on cultural safety here.


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  • Proposed School Calendar Change

    Nome Public Schools is considering a change to the calendar in upcoming school years, and the NPS Board of Education would like your input.  School would start after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day, and 10 minutes of instructional time would be added to the school day.  This would mean a loss of 50.5 instructional hours over the course of the school year.  Regular attendance would be crucial for students to be successful in school, and schools will make every effort to protect the instructional day.  The delayed start would allow families additional time for subsistence over the summer months. 

    Please complete the survey at the link below - there is space to record your concerns and comments, which will be shared with the school board to aid in their discussions and decision.  If you experience technical difficulties with the survey, please contact Jamie Burgess at 907-443-6197. 


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  • Nome Public Schools, in active partnership with families and the community, educates and inspires students to become successful and responsible global citizens in an environment that represents our rich cultural diversities and local traditions.


  • Nome students will discover and expand their talents, meet high expectations, and be prepared for a changing world.

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