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Nome Public Schools Assessment Information

Nome Public Schools utilizes a wide variety of assessments throughout the school year according to the Balanced Assessment method (please see below).  This page will share information about each of the district-wide and state assessments that happen each year, as well as the current district-wide testing calendar.  Program assessments will vary according to the district-adopted curricula for each grade level or content area, and parents should speak with their child's teacher for further information on these assessments.

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress

MAP tests are given three times each school year to students in grades K-10.  Students in grades K-2 are assessed in reading and math, and students in grades 3-10 also take the Language Usage test.  MAP is a nationally referenced test, and allows parents and teachers to compare their child's progress to the average student in the same grade across the nation.  MAP results are also used by teachers to help inform differentiation of instruction in the classroom.  MAP reports can be shared with parents during Parent-Teacher Conferences or are available from your student's teacher on request.  For more information about MAP, click the link.

ACCESS Test (For English Learners)

Students in grades K-12 who are identified as English Learners are required to take the ACCESS test each year in the early spring.  The test has four parts: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Once students meet the state's exit criteria from the EL program, they no longer take the test and are monitored for two years to ensure their English proficiency is sufficient for them to make adequate academic progress.  Results are sent home to parents at the end of the school year or early summer.  For more information about ACCESS, click the link.

DLM (Dynamic Learning Maps)

The DLM is an alternate state assessment for students with cognitive disabilities which would preclude their participation in the PEAKS assessment.  Students are assessed in the same subjects as PEAKS for their grade level.  Eligibility for participation in the DLM is determined as part of a student's IEP.  For more information on the DLM, click the link.

NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress)

This national exam is administered every other year to a randomly selected group of 4th and 8th graders in the areas of mathematics and/or english language arts.  Results are not available to students, parents, districts, or schools.  The assessment is known as "America's Report Card" and state results are available for comparison.  For more information about the NAEP, click the link.

College Entrance Exams, WorkKeys, and the ASVAB

Students should contact their high school counselor for more information on these assessments, including fees, registration deadlines, and dates for testing.

2022-2023 Calendar of Assessments

ELL 2.0
Grade School Subject Dates
k-12 All EL Students Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing 2/1/23-3/31/23
                   Grade School Subject Date
AK STAR 3-9 All ELA and Math 3/27/23-4/28/23
AK Science 5, 8, 10 All Science

MAP Growth Windows Grades K-10

Fall September 20- October 15, 2022
Winter January 9- January 27, 2023
Spring March 27-April 28, 2023 (AK STAR)

MAP Reading Fluency (NES Only) Grades K-5

Fall August- September 17
Winter January 9- February 3
Spring April 10- May 10

High School Testing for Post-Secondary Education and Life Skills


DATE OF TEST Registration due dates and how to register
November 5, 2022 Register by October 4, 2022
May 6, 2023 Register by April 5, 2023 @ College Board SAT Registration


Date of TEST Registration due dates and how to register
December 10, 2022 Register by November 4, 2022 @ ACT Registration
February 11, 2023 Register by January 6, 2023 @ ACT Registration
April 15, 2023 Register by March 10, 2023 @ ACT Registration


Date of TEST Registration due dates and how to register
October 15, 2022 Register by September with Mr. Brown
ASVAB *Military Entrance Exam*
September 20, 2022 Register with Aaron Brown
March 28, 2023 Register with Aaron Brown

Parents Opt-Out Rights

According to Nome Public Schools Board Policy BP6020, parents have the right to opt their students out of assessments required by the state.  In order to do so, parents are required to inform the school before each test, and should submit this request in writing to the main office of their child's school.  Absences due to a parent exercising this right are considered excused absences.