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Meeting Types

Executive (Closed) Sessions

Called only for discussion of personnel, fiscal, or other matters that might reflect negatively on someone’s character or damage school district finances if publicly discussed, such as litigation, negotiations, or hearings involving students or employees. No voting may take place in the executive session; votes must occur in public.

Regular Board Meetings

At regular meetings, board members discuss and vote on board committee and administrative recommendations and on items that establish or amend district policy. The Board adopts policies to improve student performance and enhance school programs and acts on matters such as personnel, appropriations, school facilities, and recognition of excellence.

Special Meetings

Scheduled for action on matters that cannot wait until the next regular meeting. Only the specific topic on the special meeting agenda can be discussed.

Work Sessions

Scheduled for review of a subject in greater depth than is possible during a regular meeting. No voting or public comment takes place, but the public is welcome to listen.