Cultural Day at Nome Elementary

We are excited to announce Nome Elementary School's Cultural Committee will host a Cultural Day on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Parents are welcome to participate in the cultural activities. Various cultural activities from local experts such as: Anaqtat - NYO, Ugruk Pilaktuat (Bearded Seal Butchering), Aqsragluni- Kickball, Piliuqti-Art, Yur’aq- Yup'ik Dancing, Uniaġatit-Dog Mushing, Sanaruat - Carving, Aŋuniaqtit - Hunting, Suŋauratuat – Beading, Timin Sawituat-Tribal Healing, and Iguluu Amiq - Hide Tanning. 

Classes will be in half an hour increments with 5 minutes in between classes. We will start at 9:10, and end at 2pm/2:30.